The dietary interventions Paradox:  

“While we know from intervention studies that we

can change both diet intake and activity patterns in a more

healthy direction..

….. We do not have the evidence that obesity is caused by too much food and too little exercise…”

Summerbell et al.
Cochrane Database Sys Rev., 2005;20(3):CD001871 


In 2012 i attended The Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association conference to update my knowledge on treating clients with Obesity. A presentation by Professor Berit L Heitmann  (Director for research Institute of Preventive Medicine, Region H, Copenhagen, Denmark) changed my outlook on our current answer for Obesity. Professor Heitmann enlightened me to the fact that:

“The current evidence suggests(based on 22 controlled interventions) that many diet and exercise interventions to prevent obesity in children can be effective in promoting a healthy diet and increased physical activity levels, but are not effective in preventing weight gain.” 

 This got me thinking…

Maybe we should be taking a different approach. 

My first step is to practise what I am hoping to preach. So I need to attempt to go ‘plastic free’. Yes that’s right, I am going to try and live without using any plastic in my life. Why? As a surfer I love the ocean and whilst travelling for waves around the globe it has become obvious that our oceans are beginning to decline in health. I highly recommend you to watch a recent movie called ‘Trashed’  or go to the Facebook page ‘The Ocean Clean Up’ which also has many YouTube educationals on what’s happening with our ocean and it’s marine life due to its absorption of plastic (which never actually breaks down by the way, it just gets smaller and even easier for marine life to ingest).  If we don’t clean up our ocean from plastic and stop dumping it in our water ways then we will continue to suffer from new cancers and child birth defects, infertility problems, still born births and the list could go on. Did you know that plastic mimics our reproductive hormones? The smallest marine life such as algae ingests plastic which is then eaten by bigger creatures and whales and dolphins are currently considered as toxic waste after they are autopsied now due to the high amounts of plastic found in them. It’s disgusting and we are eating the fish (Which our diets require for many things but unfortunately we get the plastic along with it now). And its not just the ocean. If you think about it, plastic is covering most of our food; even the lining of our tinned food and milk cartons has plastic in them now. Our water bottles we carry around every day drinking (how have we been manipulated to think we are drinking cleaner water from the bottle……?)  I haven’t even begun to talk about the production of plastic and the disposing of plastic yet and the emissions produced from this but I think if you already know that this is definitely NOT a nurturing activity for Mother Earth.  


So back to the idea of eliminating plastic from my life: The following blog posts will be snippets of how I plan to explore changing from plastic to other alternatives, the struggles and the benefits from plastic free living and also…..and most important of all, the benefits to my health as I do it. I hope you enjoy this blog and I would love to hear your thoughts, advice on how i can do plastic free living better. I definitely hope that you show others this blog to spread the word on living a healthier and more sustainable life for us and for our future humans!


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