Experience 1


It’s Summer in Australia and i have been in our most southern state, the beautiful Tasmania with friends for New Years Eve. We experienced the rugged coastlines and bush of the most untouched part of our country. Tassie is very clean and it was on this adventure that i decided to make my new years resolution to be ‘plasticless’. My 4 friends and i had stopped at Adventure Bay General Store on Bruny Island and after a deep discussion with my friend Randal about the poor health of our ocean and the poor decisions our government has been making recently about our environment in general, I was feeling very passionate about not using plastic all of a sudden . So i decided that i was not going to buy any supplies for our camping dinner that included plastic.

I was hoping that the rest of my four friends would join me on the bandwagon of plastic free but unfortunately the Bruny Island sausages wrapped in plastic were too good to pass up. So in we headed to the general store with my eyes open to anything with paper, cardboard, foil or  ‘nothing’ wrapped around it. We already had veggies in the eski (which is still made of plastic at this point) so we were after some accompaniments to our vegetable based meal.

I found some flour in a cardboard box, eggs in cardboard and olive oil in a bottle. I would make herb and garlic damper on the fire with roasted herb and olive oil vegetables in the camp oven pot! Delicious! There was one problem which was that if we wanted a tastier damper we would probably need milk and unfortunately all the milks had at least a plastic cap on them. So ‘Phill’ our fellow traveller bought the milk so i would not break my challenge (but i admit i did use the milk). So milk is actually my first ‘brick wall’ at present. On Bruny if i was better prepared and it was not after 5pm i probably could have gone to the local dairy farm or cheese house and purchased milk with my own vessel. So lesson one: plan where you are getting your choice of milk from before it gets too late in the afternoon. Lesson two: flour in a cardboard box still comes in plastic inside the cardboard box………

Dinner was a hit by the way! No plastic except for the soy milk carton and flour which i now know i can get in paper bags elsewhere! This also meant minimal rubbish as most of it was organic waste or went in the fire! I have to admit we did have large plastic water containers which were bought in preparation for our trip. Next time (now that i’m plastic free) i would take large glass bottles and get the creek/ river water which is so clean in Tasmania and boil it on the fire for our water. So we did have tea brewed with water from plastic containers that night and the wraps in this picture were not mine. But it was only the first day! Below is the ‘Herb and Olive Oil Damper’  with local Tassie honey (glass jar) which was delicious!



If you have any tips on going more plastic free when camping please let me know on the ‘leave a reply’ section.


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