Experience 2: Yes i cheated..

Could it be possible to have more plastic in our supermarkets than actually food????
Visiting my parents home in Victoria i’m even more inspired to keep the plastic free ideas growing. Living each day gets me thinking deeper and deeper into how much plastic we really use. I was given the job to get some ingredients for a rhubarb and apple crumble my Mum and i were going to make. We had the rhubarb and apples from the local community garden from which my Mum owns a plot, so we just needed oats, flour, chia seeds and yoghurt .ImageImage
 I walked to the shops which was about a 6km round trip ( 6km  walk per day is great for someone recovery from back pain too by the way as well as not using a plastic car and fuel!) could not find anything in the supermarket that was not packaged with plastic for what i needed. I ended up buying yoghurt that was in a plastic tub and walked out feeling like a cheat and a hypocrite with it in my green reusable bag. As i was about to leave i noticed the ‘health food’ store. I found in the health food store oats in a calico bag, coconut flour in a brown paper bag but no chia seeds that weren’t in plastic. Feeling bad enough about the yoghurt i didn’t purchase the chia seeds but was happy walking home with my plastic free organic oats and flour. It did get me thinking about the yoghurt though and i think i could probably purchase some in a glass jar somewhere. In Paris last year i was able to get small meal sized glass jars of yoghurt and i am sure we can do it in Auz too.
By the way…. the rhubarb and apple crumble was A-Mazing!. Benefits: less bin waste, reusable calico bag and the brown paper is recyclable. We also made the crumble insead of buying it pre-packaged which was even better and healthier! (visit www.mynewroots.com for her amazing crumble if you need some inspiration for cooking!)

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